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Vedant Jain, M.S.

Cloud Computing & Data Science


Over the years, I have had a chance to work on some very diverse projects; from engineering distributed systems to banking solutions. It has been an amazing journey full of successful ventures, unexpected roadblocks & a few wrong turns; Overall I am very proud of all I have acheived & I am eagerly awaiting new challenges, to utilize from my past experiences.
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I graduated from Missouri University of Science & Technology in 2010. During my program, I conducted multiple research studies on interdisciplinary projects including redesign of University website, department website & design of a Rapid Prototyping tool for the Caterpillar Mechatronics Laboratory (a NSF project). I also served as an Intern @ Monsanto Company 's Design & Analytics department.
After graduation, I worked as an Embedded Researcher (Client-side applications) with JP Morgan Chase on Customer facing websites including the prestigious future of Chase digital design & a Natural Language Search CServ tool.
I worked in Big Data consulting capacity with Amazon Web Services on a variety of projects ranging from developing a customized cloud-based networking tool to doing statistical analysis on annual national level data in the Healthcare domain. I have also worked on doing Sentiment Analysis on real-time data from Twitter and have expertise in Distributed Systems, Relational Databases, Data Sciences and Front-end (UI) development.
I currently work as a Solutions Engineer (Data Science SME) with Hortonworks on Fortune 100 Enterprise Accounts in helping them define their Big Data Strategy.

Projects that I have worked on previously have helped me to gain insight into the following methods:

Amazon Web Services
SQL/HQL & NoSQL (Cassandra, MongoDB)
Distributed Systems
R (Revolution Analytics/RStudio)
Predictive Behavior Modelling
Story Boarding
Natural Language Programming (NLP)
Rapid Prototyping
Sentiment Analysis

These skills are a testimonial of my diverse work experience & academic background.
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In my part time, I work as Big Data Evangelist and organizer for Houston Spark Meetup group. Between 2010 and 2014, I worked as a coordinator/volunteer at the NYC UX Professional's Association. I participate in events regularly. Before I moved to New York City, I was a regular member of Gateway CHI in St. Louis, MO. During my Masters' program, I had the privilege to work on a project funded by the National Science Foundation. I led the Research & Design on a Software tool under development by the Caterpillar Mechatronics Laboratory. I published & presented 2 research papers at the prestigious Americas Conference on Information Systems, San Francisco, CA. I also conducted an experimental study on Avatar Adoption in 3D MMO's or Virtual Worlds during the time when it seemed that such environments were going to shape our future. For my work, I received the Outstanding Graduate Student award.